Custom T-Shirts – How to Choose a Good Print Company

Promotional products are a fun way to get your company’s name in the general public sphere. There are many options for your use, but custom t-shirt printing is among the most popular. Many businesses design custom t shirt using their logo design as giveaways and prizes to the population. It’s a fantastic way to increase brand exposure and awareness while providing value for a potential and existing customer.

  • The first form of method is screen printing.
  • By far the most popular method and also one of the easiest simply because it requires the least amount of tools to accomplish.
  • When screen printing, a woven mesh is utilized as well as a design available as a stencil is positioned together with the mesh, which then resembles a screen.
  • After this, the blank T-Shirt is put with a table under the screen.
  • Then, the screen is positioned on top of the shirt
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